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Tourist Visa 600

Obtaining the Australian tourist visa 600 is not as easy as obtaining visas of other countries such as Asian due to the complex Australian Immigration Law. Therefore, it is important to seek for an experienced Australian Migration Agent who is registered under the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA). It is an office of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (the Department), based in Sydney and operates nationwide. This ensures the higher chance of success of your Tourist visa 600.

IST has helped many clients get Australian visas and visit Australia thanks to our experienced and dedicated staff.

Common Questions

Common questions regarding Tourist visa 600: Who can get the Australian Tourist visa 600? You can lodge an application for tourist visa if you fall within the categories below:

  • • Tourism
  • • Explore business opportunities
  • • Meet your potential partners, purchaser
  • • Buy houses or investment property in Australia
  • • Visit your child who is currently on Australian student visa
  • • Visit your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, spouse who is residing in Australia
  • • Visit relatives, family members

  • Depending on the purpose of the trip and the risk assessment from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, tourist visa 600 can vary between:

  • • 3 Months
  • • 6 Months
  • • 18 Months
  • • 24 Months

  • Checklist

    Tourist Visa 600 Checklist

  • • One recent passport sized photograph (45 mm x 35 mm) of each person included in the application.
  • • Certified copy of passport of each applicant.
  • • Certified copy of household record.
  • • Certified copies of birth certificates for you and any other person included in the application.
  • • Your National ID if any.
  • • Personal bank statements, audited accounts, taxation records or credit card limit.
  • • Your pay slips.
  • • Your properties if any.
  • • Provide details your place of employment, contact phone number, address of workplace.
  • • Business registration documents if any, tax returns.
  • • Invitation letter of friend, relative, business partners.
  • • Other forms required by the Department.

  • Extending Your Australian Tourist Visa

    If you are in Australia on a Tourist Visa and want to extend your Visa, IST can assist you with applying for an extension in a short period of time. After renewing your Tourist Visa, you will be able to stay in Australia for at least another 3 months. You only provide IST the following documents:

  • • Your current Australian Visa.
  • • A copy of your passport.
  • • Demonstrate that you have enough finances whilst being in Australia (bank savings).
  • • The names of your relatives, or friends and their addresses.
  • • A copy of their passport.

  • You must apply for an extension before the current visa expires. If your visa expires before you lodge an application, you will be banned from entering Australia for three years. Also, you have a bad immigration record you might be at risk of being refused an Australian visa even if the three years ban has expired.

    Why you should not submit the application yourself and do not use services which does not offer Registered Migration Agent?

    If you submit the application yourself or use an unregistered Migration Agent to apply for your visa, you may encounter the risk of being refused a visa.

    In addition, you may encounter other risks as follows:

  • • You are not protected under the Australian Law.
  • • You cannot control who is the person taking care of your visa application.
  • • Once failing tourist visa once, it is more difficult to be successful when lodging another tourist visa again.
  • • The Australian tourist visa applications of your family members such as parents, children, siblings might be affected negatively if your Australian tourist visa application is refused.
  • • You cannot appeal the Department’s decision.
  • Successful Stories

    I have a business in Russia. I and my wife often travel to Russia to do business. Our income is always in cash so we cannot prove our official source of income. I recently bought an investment property in Australia so I and my wife want to visit our property in Australia. I could not believe that I was granted an Australian tourist visa. I appreciate IST’s effort in assisting us applying for tourist visa applications. I thought my chance of getting such visa is slim. Thanks IST for your good job.


    Võ Văn Phú



    I am a US citizen. My children are all grown up and have their own families. My parents are Australian citizens who lives in Sydney. Since my parents are quite old, I have been flying back and forth from US to Australia to take care of them. Since I abused my rights to entry to Australia, the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection banned me from entering Australia. In early 2016, my father’s health became worse however I could not visit him due to being banned from entering Australia. I was refused several time a tourist visa. I sought for IST’s assistance and it was a surprise that the Department granted me a tourist visa with 12 month entry. Now I can stay with my parents for at least 12 months to take care of my father in the hospital.


    Bùi Vân Anh


    I have a daughter who is an Australian Permanent Resident. Previously I was refused a tourist visa. My daughter was in the hospital and would deliver the baby soon so I used IST Services to assist me with the tourist visa application. I came to know IST Services via a very popular Education Services with offices in Ha Noi, Sai Gon and Hai Phong. This company often introduces their clients (mostly international students who are currently in Australia) who need immigration assistance from IST Registered Migration Agents because they have immigration issues such as: visa cancellation, visa refusal, visa expiry, school changing, and so on. I was granted a tourist visa within 3 days. Thanks to that, I could visit my daughter in the hospital in Australia.



    Hà Thị Phương Lan

    Hai Phong


    I am an Australian Citizen. My adopted father currently resides in Vietnam. My father has problem with his eyes so he is nearly blind. Although I cannot prove the relationship with my adopted father due to the lack of official documents, IST Services helped my father obtain the medical visa to visit Australia for medical treatment. Since the Australian government does not encourage foreigner to come to Australia for medical treatment because this will put more pressure to the Australian health care system, the procedure of obtaining this type of visa was challenging. However, the Registered Migration Agent of IST Services was persistent and patient during the process of communicating with the Department and have tried to assist me with meeting all the visa requirement. Eventually my father was granted a visa and now his eyes are getting better thanks to the proper medical treatment in Australia.



    Nguyễn thị Thu Hà


    Note: In order to protect clients’ confidentiality, IST Services has changed our clients’ names and photos. However, the stories are based on true stories and they are proof of IST’s experience in Australian Immigration Law. IST Services are committed to keep all our clients’ information confidential in accordance to the Australian Laws.



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