Fiancée Visa

Fiance Visa 300 (Prospective Marriage) / Spouse Visa 820, 801, 309, 100

Since July 2015, Fiance Visa and Spouse Visa have the same processing time: 12 months since the date of application. This differs to the previous processing time: 3 to 6 months for Fiance Visa and 12 months for Spouse visa.

Should I apply for Fiancé Visa or spouse visa? This is the most common question. Each type of visa has its own pro and cons. Thus, it is important to choose the type of visa which most suits your case because it can save time and money for you if you choose the right one.

Therefore, it is important to seek for an experienced Australian Migration Agent who is registered under the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA). It is an office of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (the Department), based in Sydney and operates nationwide. This ensures the higher chance of success of your Fiance or Spouse Visa.

IST has helped many clients get Australian visas, especially Fiance, Spouse and Partner Visas thanks to our experienced and dedicated staff.

Do You Know?

Our Australian Registered Migration Agents and Lawyers can help you find solutions to various issues which other Australian Visa Services may not be able to assist you such as:

1. If you have a LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP with your partner, you can directly apply to Australian Permanent Resident without going through Australian Spouse Visa, Prospective Marriage Visa or Partner Visa?

2. You do not need to wait for an extensive period of time (around three years) to obtain an Australian Permanent Residency if you can prove that you have a LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP with your partner?

3. The sponsor had sponsored two spouses or Fiances previously and still can sponsor you for an Australian Spouse Visa, Prospective Marriage Visa or Partner Visa?

4. The sponsor suddenly deceased whilst you are holding an Australian Spouse or Partner Vissa, you still apply to be an Australian Permanent Resident?

5. The sponsor does not want to continue to be your sponsor, you are holding an Australian Spouse Visa or Partner Visa, and you are having a child with him, your child can still sponsor you to obtain Australian Permanent Residency?

6. The sponsor abused you physically, mentally or psychologicall and you no longer want to continue a relationship with him, and you are on an Australian Spouse, or Partner Visa, you may be eligible for an Australian Permanent Resident even if you leave the sponsor.

7. The sponsor has a criminal record in Australia and he wants to sponsor you and your child (as dependent visa applciant) for Australian Spouse Visa or Partner Visa, he can in some circumstances do so.

8. What the case workers from the Australian General Consulate, Australian Embassy, Department of Immigration and Border Protection normally ask visa applicant during an interview? Why they ask you such questions? How do your answers satisfy the“Genuine Relationship”?

9. Many visa applicants of the Australian Spouse Visa, Prospective Marriage Visa or Partner Visa were refused Visas because they fail to provide appropriate anwers during interviews, they did not use Australian Registered Migration Agent, and did not use a Visa Services which has experience and are specialised in Australian Spouse Visa, Prospective Marriage Visa or Partner Visa.

10. Many visa applicants of the Australian Spouse Visa, Prospective Marriage Visa or Partner Visa have wasted thousand of dollars (approximately ten thousands dollars) which includes Visa Application Fee (paid to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection) and Visa Service Fee and waste time (3 years longer to obtain Australian Permanent Residency). This is the consequence of using unprofessional Visa Services.

11. IST has Offices in Australia and Vietnam, making the process of working with us more convenient for both the sponsor and visa applicant. The sponsor can check the licenses of Registered Migration Agents and Lawyer and our Offices to be more confident about IST Services.

Getting Married in Australia

IST Services has helped many clients in Vietnam and Philippines come to Australia, get married to their loved ones and apply for Spouse visas.

To Australian citizen or Permanent Resident, getting married in Australia is a much more simple process than getting married in Vietnam or Philippines or overseas. If an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident get married in Vietnam, he/she must contact the Australian Consular or Australian Embassy to get certain documents certified, signed and sealed and the Vietnamese authority to have their marriage registered. He/she must spend significant time in Vietnam to obtain a Marriage Certificate. This procedure costs him/her time, efforts, and money. Many busy Australian citizen or Permanent Resident finds it not a very good experience to go through such procedure because they must put their job or business on hold for some weeks.

Furthermore, whilst the Australian Consular or Australian Embassy expect that if you marry in Vietnam, you must celebrate a wedding in accordance to Vietnamese culture. This means that the Australian Consular or Australian Embassy tend to consider that your relationship is not genuine if the wedding ceremony is not a big one. Whereas, if you marry in Australia, it is commonly accepted that the wedding ceremony can be a small one with only some people attending your wedding.

However, not all clients are eligible for an Australian tourist visa. That is why IST Services helps assess clients’ situation and provides an exact advice regarding the prospect of success for such visa. If client is not eligible for an Australian tourist visa, IST Services would advise client on which type of partner or Spouse visa should client apply for.

If client is granted an Australian tourist visa, IST Services then help client in Vietnam prepare necessary documents before travelling to Australia to marry his/her Australian partner. Also, IST Services assist the sponsor in Australia with preparing necessary documents and arrange for the marriage to take place.

This makes the experience of getting married in Australia an easy and worry free process. IST Services then helps client apply for Spouse visa as soon as the marriage ceremony take place.

Common Issues

Common issues regarding Fiance Visa (Prospective Marriage Visa) 300 and Australian Partner, Spouse Visa 309, 100, 830, 801

  • • Sponsor was sponsored for a Partner or Prospective Spouse visa within the past five years.
  • • Sponsor has previously sponsored two people for migration to Australia and they were granted a Partner or Prospective Marriage visa.
  • • Sponsor has sponsored another person for migration to Australia within the past five years and they were granted a Partner or Prospective Marriage visa.
  • • Sponsor cannot meet all financial obligations to the Commonwealth incurred by the fiancé arising from his/her stay in Australia.
  • • Sponsor does not have good character.
  • • Sponsor and visa applicant have not met each other.
  • • Evidence of relationship is weak or not sufficient.
  • • Child dispute from previous marriage of the visa applicant.
  • • Relationship breaks down before visa applicant gets Permanent Residency.
  • • Domestic Violence occurs.
  • • Forms are not correctly filled in.
  • • Witness’s statement is not strong.
  • • Sponsor and visa applicant did not meet each for a long time before an application is lodged.
  • • Insufficient support documents.
  • • Visa applicant fails an interview.

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    Common Questions

    Common questions regarding Fiance visa and Spouse visa: Which visa best suits me?

    The Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300) or Fiance visa is for people who want to come to Australia to marry their prospective spouse who is an Australian citizen or Permanent resident, an eligible New Zealand citizen. It is a temporary visa for nine months. You must be outside Australia when you lodge your application and when the visa is granted.

    Spouse or partner visa allows you to live in Australia if you are the spouse or de facto partner of: an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen. This visa allows you to continue living in Australia and you can apply for Permanent Residency after holding this visa for at least 2 years.

    You can apply to become an Australian Permanent Resident if you have a long term relationship such as:

  • • You and your partner or spouse who is an an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen have known each other for 3 years OR.
  • • You and your partner or spouse who is an an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen have known each other for at least 2 years and have a child together.

  • Why you should not submit the application yourself and do not use services which do not offer Registered Migration Agent?

  • • You might have to wait longer for your visa to be processed if your visa application and submission lack credibility and required documents. Once the Department asks you for further information or documents, your visa application will be delayed to further time.
  • • Your visa application might be refused due to the lack of evidence or credibility, costing you time and money. You might have to appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal against the decision of the Department when your visa application is refused.
  • • If your child is a dependent visa application, the delay of granting the visa will affect him/her. For example, child over 18 might run the risk of being refused a visa to migrate with you to Australia because he/she might not meet the dependency test.
  • • You might choose the type of visa which is not suitable and favorable to your case.
  • • You might wait longer than expected. Whereas, our Registered Migration Agent can help you shorten the processing time by submitting a comprehensive and strong application.
  • • You might not control who works on your visa application. Many visa services use Migration Agent who are not registered to OMARA and without practicing license.
  • Successful Stories

    My husband (an Australian citizen) and I made friend via website. Three months after knowing each other he visited me in Vietnam. He proposed to me however I did not want to marry him straightaway because I want to know more about him. After Christmas holiday he went back to Australia and asked me to visit Australia. I came to know IST Services by chance so I used IST Services to apply for a Tourist visa, I was granted a Tourist visa to visit my husband. My family members were very surprised because they all bet with me that I would not be granted a visa. When I came to Australia, my husband proposed to me again and this time I agreed to be his wife. I of course used IST Services to lodge my spouse visa application in Australia. Thanks to that I did not have to return to Vietnam after my tourist visa expires.




    Trần Kim Phụng

    Nha Trang


    My husband (an Australian citizen) and I came to know each other when he came to Vietnam as a business person. He has a business in Vietnam. He has lived in Vietnam for some times so when we married each other we stayed in Vietnam for 3 years. During those years we had a child together. We did not think about living in Australia before however once the child was born, we think of our child and want our child to be raised in Australia so that he can have a better education. We decided to move to Australia. We used IST Services to help us lodge the visa application for me. I therefore obtain permanent residency without going through temporary partner visa.



    Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Hân

    Phu Quoc

    I once applied for Tourist visa to visit my boyfriend however I was refused the visa. My boyfriend was very upset because we intended that once I came to Australia we would get married. A friend recommended IST Services to us so we sought assistance from IST Services. I expressed my concerns about my previous tourist visa refusal however IST Services’s staff has assured me that it will not affect my current visa application. After a period of time I was granted a Fiance visa (Prospective Marriage). I migrated to Australia to be with my boyfriend. Then IST assisted me with Spouse visa application and now I am an Australian Permanent Resident.



    Hoàng Thị Hảo

    Quang Binh


    My partner and I knew each other via internet. My spouse decided to travel to Vietnam and marry me so that I can lodge an Australian spouse visa. Due to the lack of knowledge about the Australian Immigration Law, my partner uses IST Services in Sydney. The Australian Registered Migration Agent and Lawyer (RMA) from IST Services has provided significantly useful advice regarding the preparation for getting married in Vietnam and assisted my partner with necessary paperwork before he comes to Vietnam to marry me. This July my partner will be in Vietnam to finalize the marriage procedure. Of course we will rely on the assistance of IST Services office in Ho Chi Minh City to help us go through all process of getting married in Vietnam and then lodge my spouse visa application online to speed up the visa processing time.



    Kelly Trần

    Can Tho

    Note: In order to protect clients’ confidentiality, IST Services has changed our clients’ names and photos. However, the stories are based on true stories and they are proof of IST’s experience in Australian Immigration Law. IST Services are committed to keep all our clients’ information confidential in accordance to the Australian Laws.



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