Student Visa

Student Visa and Post-Graduation Visa. Visa 500, Visa 590, Visa 485.

Currently, clients can choose any education services to enroll their child to an Australian school. However, it is important that your child’s student visa must be granted for your child to study in Australia.

Many clients have used IST Services in order to increase the chance of success for their child’s student visa application. In addition, IST Services also provides assistance to clients during their study in Australia such as: issues with school such as changing school, changing course of study..., issues with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection such as Visa Cancellation, Visa Refusal...

IST Services have assisted many Students apply for 485 Visa after they graduated from School and University.

Extending Your Australian Student Visa

Australian Student Visa allows the visa holder to stay in Australia for a certain period of time to study. If your Australian visa will expire soon but you need to stay in Australia for some time, you must apply for an appropriate visa.

If you need to stay in Australia for further study such as to pursue master degree or a doctoral degree, IST will help you apply for another Australian Student Visa.

If you need to stay in Australia to attend the graduation ceremony or on vacation, IST can help you apply for an Australian Tourist Visa.

After completing the courses in Australia, IST will help you apply for a visa to work. It can range from 18 months or 24 months.

Common Questions

Common questions regarding Student Visa and Post-Graduation Visa

  • • I have a brother who is now in Australia under student visa. I also want to study in Australia, will my student visa application be affected?
  • • My sister was once refused an Australian student visa, will my student visa application be affected?
  • • My child will attend school late because his student visa application is being delayed, will school cancel its Condition of Offer?
  • • How long will I have to wait for an Australian student visa to be granted?
  • • I was once failed an Australian tourist visa. Will my student visa application be affected?
  • • Student Visa compared to Graduation Visa, which one is more risky?
  • • My Student Visa is going to expire soon and I do not know about the process of applying for 485 Visa.

  • How we can help?

  • • Assist you with lodging an Australian Student Visa.
  • • Find a carer for your child if your child is under 18 years old and has a Student Visa.
  • • Communicate with your school of there are issues between you and school.
  • • Assist you with reasons of your failing to meet attendance requirement, being cancelled Condition of Offer.
  • • Assist you with changing school, course of study.
  • • Provide explanation to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection once issue of Visa Cancellation or refusal arises.
  • • Assist Graduate Student with Skill Assessment and 485 Visa.
  • • Appeal the decision of school regarding tuition fees and other disputes.
  • Successful Stories

    I am in Australia on student visa. Due to family issue, I was absent at school for many days. School sent me a notification letter which requires me to provide explanation for my absence and also notified the Department of Immigration and Border Protection about my failing to abide by the visa condition. I was very shock because I did not think it was such a major problem. My mother sought for assistance from IST Services. IST Services assisted me with explanation to school and the Department. Luckily, my visa was not cancelled.


    Bùi Ngọc Nga

    Sydney - Quang Ninh


    A high school in Adelaide provided an offer to my child to study at the school. Since the Offer Letter was sent to us quite late. The school semester will start soon however my child visa application was not lodged. I sought assistance from IST Services. IST Services has helped me write letter of explanation to the Department about my child’s case. My child was granted a student visa in a very short time period. My child was only some days late to school.


    Lê Thị Thu Ngân

    Ho Chi Minh

    My grandchild was at year 6 in Vietnam. I wanted to bring my grandchild to Australia so that she could study in a better educational environment. I sought assistance from IST Services. My son (father of my grandchild) has high income from many of his rental properties. However, IST’s Registered Migration Agent and Lawyer advised me that it was difficult to satifsfy the income test of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection based on my son’s current documents. Thus, we had to ask my brother to be a financial guardian for my grandchild in her student visa application. My grandchild was later granted a student visa and now she is living in my house in Sydney.



    Đỗ Thị Bình



    My child first came to Australia on student visa, which allowed her to study at a Private School in Sydney. However, since the tuition fee at a Private School is too expensive, I wanted to change to Public School to save money. I sought assistance from IST Services. Changing from Private to Public School was so complicated because of the communication between various stakeholders and organizations such as the Department of Education, the Public School, Private School, the Carer Institute for child under 18 years old..etc. Finally my child was enrolled to a Public School in Sydney and now I can save lots of money on tuition fee.



    Nguyễn Thị Kim Oanh

    Ho Chi Minh

    Note: In order to protect clients’ confidentiality, IST Services has changed our clients’ names and photos. However, the stories are based on true stories and they are proof of IST’s experience in Australian Immigration Law. IST Services are committed to keep all our clients’ information confidential in accordance to the Australian Laws.



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