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Tourist Visa 600 to visit Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Partner, Spouse in Australia

Australian Immigration law is the biggest hindrance for clients who have partner or spouse who is residing temporarily or permanently in Australia. Clients with long term relationship with such people might still be refused a visa to visit them in Australia if client cannot meet the tourist visa criteria.

It is important to seek for an experienced Australian Migration Agent who is registered under the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA). It is an office of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. This ensures the higher chance of success of your Tourist visa 600.

IST Services has experience in assisting clients with tourist visa application so that clients can visit their loved ones in Australia. Especially, many clients married their loved one in Australia during their trip to Australia and then migrate permanently to Australia.

Common Questions

Common questions regarding Tourist visa 600 for those who want to visit their loved ones in Australia.

  • • I have just known my boyfriend, girlfriend for 2 months, can I visit him/her in Australia?
  • • My partner is currently on student visa and already in Australia for 6 months, can I visit him/her in Australia?
  • • I have never met my partner, can I visit him/her in Australia?
  • • I have not finalized the divorced documents in Vietnam, can I still visit my current partner in Australia?

  • Depending on your situation, you can have a tourist visa with the duration from 3 to 12 months.

    Why you should not submit the application yourself and do not use services which does not offer Registered Migration Agent?

    If you submit the application yourself or use an unregistered Migration Agent to apply for your visa, you may encounter the risk of being refused a visa.

    You may encounter the following risks:

  • • Your visa is refused.
  • • You are not protected under the Australian Law.
  • • You cannot control who is the person taking care of your visa application.
  • • Once failing tourist visa once, it is more difficult to be successful when lodging another tourist visa again.
  • Successful Stories

    I am an owner of a small internet café. I knew my boyfriend via Facebook. He is an Australian citizen. After three months knowing each other, he invited me to visit him in Australia because he has work commitment in Australia. Since I had never met him before, I was worried that I might not have a tourist visa to visit him. Also, I hardly can prove any income because my income is in cash only. My friend recommended IST Services to me so I used IST Services to assist me with my tourist visa application. I could not believe that I had a visa granted because one of my friends with similar condition to me was refused a visa before because she used another visa services.


    Trần Thị Thanh Nga

    Hue City


    My girlfriend is a Vietnamese Australian. She visited me once in Vietnam. Although we only know each other for a short period of time, my girlfriend expressed her wish that I can travel to Australia with her once she travelled back to Australia from Vietnam. We have contacted several visa services companies however we finally chose IST Services because IST has experienced Registered Migration Agent and Lawyer. I then was granted a tourist visa to travel to Australia with my girlfriend. We will make plan about our wedding once arriving Australia.


    Lê Văn Dũng

    Vung Tau

    I only know my partner for 3 months. I have not even met him. We knew each other via internet. However, we chat every day via Viber and sometimes emails. My partner has his own business so he could not visit me in Vietnam. He searched on the internet and found IST Services and used IST Services. Thanks to IST’s assistance I was granted to Tourist visa to visit him in Australia. We intended that this Christmas I would take my partner to Vietnam to visit my family in Vietnam and we will celebrate our wedding. Of course we will use IST Services for my spouse visa once I get married in December 2016 because we already know the quality of IST Services.



    Lê Nguyên Thi

    Tra Vinh


    I have a small business and 3 adult children. My partner and I have known each other for more than 1 year. However, since we are busy with our business, we rarely talk to each other. Despite that, when my partner invited me to visit him in Australia, I started to search for a reliable visa service. Many visa services told me that they would help me get a visa easily. This is quite contradictory with the advice I received from the Australian Registered Migration Agent and Lawyer (RMA) from IST Services. IST’s RMA told me that it is unlikely I would have a visa based on such poor evidence. IST Services provided me with advice regarding more evidence of relationship in order to increase my chance of getting a visa. I followed the advice and then was granted a visa to visit my partner in Australia.



    Trần Thị Thanh Trúc

    Quang Binh

    Note: In order to protect clients’ confidentiality, IST Services has changed our clients’ names and photos. However, the stories are based on true stories and they are proof of IST’s experience in Australian Immigration Law. IST Services are committed to keep all our clients’ information confidential in accordance to the Australian Laws.



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