Visa Refusals

Visa Refusal Appeals and MRT Tribunals

Have you just received letter or email from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Australian General Consular, Australian Embassy notifying that you have been refused a visa. Once these authorities refuse you a visa, it is almost impossible that they will change their views on the decision which have been made.

Only some Visa Applicants can appeal the decisions from these authorities. Also, you must appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal within time limit in order not to lose your rights of appeal. If your application of appeal is lodged out of time limit, you lose your right of appeal.

Common Questions

Common questions regarding Visa Refusals

  • • Should I re-apply the visa application or appeal against decision?
  • • Do I have right to appeal against the decision?
  • • I am currently in Vietnam, how can I appeal the refusal decision to the Australian Administrative Appeals Tribunal?
  • • Where should I lodge an application of appeal?
  • • Can my relatives in Australia lodge an application of appeal on behalf of me?
  • • How long do I have to wait for my application to be heard?
  • • How much is the cost of the appeal application?
  • • If I win the case, can I have the visa granted?
  • • If I win the case, can I have my application fee refunded?

  • During the process of appealing against the decision. Our Registered Migration Agents and Lawyers can provide you with answers via direct communication with you no matter where you live.

    Why IST

    Why clients should choose IST Services?

  • • We help you find the most suitable options once your visa is refused. We inform you about the pro and cons of re-applying another visa application and appealing against the refusal decision.
  • • We have Registered Migration Agent and Lawyer who directly manage your case and provide you advice.
  • • Reduce the risk of unsuccessful appeal.
  • • Save time and money (if you win the case, your application fee might be refunded from 50 percent to 100 percent).
  • • We have successfully assisted clients with visa refusal at Tribunal and helped them get visa granted and migrate to Australia.
  • • We provide honest advice regarding your chance of success when pursuing appeal to Tribunal.
  • • We provide persuasive submission to Tribunal in accordance with the Australian Immigration Law.
  • • We provide update information from the Tribunal to clients.
  • Successful Stories

    My parents are farmers who currently live in Ca Mau, Vietnam. Several years agaon I invited my mother to visit me in Australia and my mother was granted a tourist visa. She visited me and my family in Australia. Last year I invited my father to visit me in Australia however he was refused the visa twice. I sought help from a visa service to lodge another tourist visa application however this time my father again was refused a visa. I was so upset. I sought assistance from IST Services and IST Services assisted me with lodging an application to appeal to the Tribunal. In November 2015 my case was heard and thanks for a brilliant submission from lawyer and Registered Migration Agent from IST Services, the Member of Tribunal made a decision in favor of my father. My father subsequently was granted a tourist visa. He visit me in Australia during Christmas. Also, his bad immigration history is now cleared.





    Lê Thị Thanh Hằng



    My husband and I knew each other for a short period of time then we celebrated our engagement. During that time my parents had an accident so both of them were treated at a hospital. They however told us to go ahead with our engagement because my spouse had to return to Australia soon and my uncle would take care of the engagement party. Then I lodged our Prospective Marriage Visa. I was refused a visa because the Department considered our relationship not genuine due to the absence of my parents. Also, the visa application missed some crucial information. We later sought assistance from IST Services. IST’s Registered Migration Agent and Lawyer helped us appeal the decision to the Tribunal and won the case. Thanks for that I now have a Prospective Marriage Visa.



    Trần Thi Lý

    Hai Phong

    I live in America however I want to migrate to Australia to look after my old aged parents. For the last several year I had flown back and forth from American to Australia to visit my parents. Since I travelled to Australia too often, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection warned me that they would ban me from coming back to Vietnam. I sought assistance from a visa services to be a Carer however I was refused a visa. IST Services has assisted me appealing against the decision of the Department to the Tribunal so that I can stay with my parents in Australia.



    Ngô Thị Thủy

    California - Sydney


    My husband and I married for more than 2 years and I already had held a spouse visa for more than 2 years. According to the Australian Immigration Law, visa holder of spouse visa can proceed to Permanent Residency in order to migrate permanently to Australia. Unfortunately, my lawyer did not notify me the letter of the Department asking me to proceed to Permanent Residency. Later the Department sent me a letter notifying that my current spouse visa had been cancelled because I did not respond to their letter within time limit and that I did not provide them with more evidence to proceed to Permanent Residency. They told me I must leave Australia within 28 days after the date of receiving the letter. My husband and I was extremely shocked when receiving such news. We then sought assistance from IST Services and thanks to IST Services I could fix my problem and now I am in Australia with my husband as a Permanent Resident.





    Nguyễn Thị Quỳnh


    Note: In order to protect clients’ confidentiality, IST Services has changed our clients’ names and photos. However, the stories are based on true stories and they are proof of IST’s experience in Australian Immigration Law. IST Services are committed to keep all our clients’ information confidential in accordance to the Australian Laws.



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